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OLED Gaming Mice
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SteelSeries has designed an OLED gaming mouse for every gamer and they’re built for gaming precision with optical tracking sensors and hyper durable materials.

{'tile_available_thumbnails': False, 'customizable_price': None, 'discount_absolute': Decimal('0.00'), 'early_access': False, 'main_item_sku': u'62490', 'image_alternate': None, 'related_items': [], 'new': False, 'web_exclusive': False, 'description': u'* Revolutionary Prestige OM optical magnetic switches\r\n* TrueMove Pro+ with secondary lift-off sensor\r\n* OLED with full on-board customization', 'price': Decimal('89.99'), 'customizable': False, 'num_in_stock': 114, 'members_only': False, 'document_id': u'515_1080', 'name': u'Prime+', 'image_primary': u'', 'image_carousel': u'', 'price_is_only_authenticated_users': None, 'url': u'/gaming-mice/prime-plus', 'has_member_price': False, 'is_limited': False, 'price_type': 'msrp', 'related_text': u'', 'bestseller_factor': Decimal('1.23333333333333339254522798000834882259368896484375'), 'discount_percent': Decimal('0.00'), 'options': [], 'msrp': Decimal('89.99')}